Hi! If you are a military family and love to travel and save money, we are here to help!  Time together as a family is incredibly valuable in the military, and you can create those memories together… for less! 

There are so many benefits that are offered to military members and their families.  Here you will find information about how to get free travel benefits from credit cards, discounted Disney trips, and discounts from major retailers. 

We will also be sharing some of our own personal trips and experiences using our travel credit cards, points and miles, and discounts over on our blog. 

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Did you know that credit card issuers like Chase and American Express waive their annual fees (hundreds of dollars!) for military members and their spouses?

These premium travel cards offer tons of benefits that military members and their spouses can get for FREE!

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Want to take a trip to the most Magical Place on Earth? Disney offers discounts on tickets, hotels, and even cruises for military members and their families. 

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Save at places you would ordinarily shop for yourself and your family with a military discount!